Advanced Air Mobility

General Reference

  • Advanced Air Mobility Dictionary [pdf] – Abbreviations, glossary, infographics, slang, and international terms relevant to electric conventional takeoff and landing (eCTOL), electric vertical takeoff and landing  (eVTOL), urban air mobility (UAM), and uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) aviation. Formerly the Drone Dictionary. (Stephens) Updated March 17, 2023.
  • Autonomous Aviation [website] – Facebook Group for unmanned aircraft systems, urban air mobility, optionally piloted vehicles, and related topics.
  • Drone Database [Google Sheet] – Database of more than 1,000 uncrewed aerial vehicles. This spreadsheet is currently being updated with aircraft exhibited at the 2022 Commercial UAV EXPO.
  • Drone Directory [pdf] – Compilation of 600 small uncrewed aerial vehicles published online June 19, 2022.
  • Drone Uses [webpage] – ~500 commercial and institutional applications for UAS
  • DroneDJ – DroneDJ is a website that posts news and reviews regarding many of the most popular drones. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • DroneFlyers – “This site is all about helping beginning and intermediate pilots with buying and flying quadcopters and other multirotors.”
  • DroneLife – News, products, industries, enthusiasts, business…
  • Drones (Popular Mechanics) [Website] – Many features including new technology, drones in science, military use, and more.
  • DronesVue – Website with different information tabs such as drone laws, drone safety, photography tips, and more. [Bo Donald]
  • Electric VTOL News [website] – “Electric VTOL News highlights the incredible promise and progress of electric and hybrid-electric powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, focusing on non-helicopter VTOL aircraft large enough to carry passengers without conventional helicopter flight controls (though eRotorcraft are now listed as well).”
  • P3 Tech Consulting – Creating impactful strategic plans, policies and programs and providing the most up-to-date information on cutting-edge legal-tech issues, with an emphasis on uncrewed aircraft systems including advanced air mobility, urban traffic management, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, vertiports, uncrewed underwater vehicles and automated driving systems.
  • sUAS News – “The Business of Drones.”
  • UAVCoach – Drone training, shopping, guides, and industry news.
  • UAV Digest – The UAV digest is a weekly podcast that features in-depth information on all sorts of drone topics. There are over 400 episodes, and each typically focuses on one drone-related subject, so it is easy to find what you are looking for. UAV Digest episodes typically last around thirty minutes. The podcast can be found on its website or any typical podcast platform such as Spotify or Apple. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • Using Drones in Planning Practice [pdf] – American Planning Association (APA) Planning Advisory Service Report 597.



  • AIRMAP – Complete situational awareness for drone pilots.
  • B4UFLY – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has partnered with Kittyhawk to redevelop B4UFLY, the FAA’s first mobile application, to improve the user experience so that recreational drone operators know where they can and cannot fly.
  • Drone Complier – Plan and assign flights around the world, track pilots and gear, customize safety plans and automate your compliance obligations with one tool that goes wherever you fly.
  • Dronelink – Dronelink is an app focused on safely automating drone missions. The app can automate mapping, cinematography, and more. Features in-depth 3-D previews of the missions that include terrain and buildings. Dronelink is generally only compatible with DJI drones. The app can be used on a browser or downloadable on Android or IOS. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • Hover – “The must-have app for drone pilots.”
  • Kittyhawk [app] – “Intelligent airspace systems for enterprise UAS operations.”
  • LAANC – FAA Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability.
  • Open Sky – Open Sky is an app that supplies maps, airspace rules, and other regulations. The app allows for flight planning and focuses on helping the user figure out when and where they can fly. This app is free and is available on Android and IOS. (Zackary Hilbrand)
  • SkyGrid – “Built on AI and blockchain, SkyGrid takes a smarter approach to solving airspace management for drones, air taxis, and other unmanned aircraft.”
  • SkyVector Aeronautical Charts – Website mapping for global aeronautical charts and airports.
  • Skyward – Skyward is the first integrated solution designed for commercial drone operators. The cloud-based solution integrates a drone airspace map with flight planning. [LAANC]
Emergency management
  • Airborne Public Safety Association – “To support, promote and advance the safe and effective utilization of manned and unmanned aircraft by governmental agencies in support of public safety operations through training, networking, advocacy and educational programs.”
  • DroneResponders – “DRONERESPONDERS is a non-profit program created to unite these new aerial first responders, emergency managers, and search and rescue specialists under a unified organization to help learn, train, and test with one another with the ultimate objective of maximizing drone operations for public safety.”
  • DroneSense – “We help public safety, government, and critical infrastructure organizations manage life-saving drone programs on one integrated platform.”
  • FEMA Unmanned Aircraft System Team – Resource Typing Definition for Response Situational Awareness.
  • UAS Training Exercises for Disaster Response – FEMA/USGS white paper for 5th Federal UAS Workshop
  • AI Drone Simulator – This is an FPV drone simulator that includes racing and free flight modes. The highlight of this simulator is that the user can add the blackbox files from their FPV drone and the simulator will mimic the flight characteristics of the drone. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • DJI Drone Simulator – “Embrace drone technology as an integral part of work with the DJI Flight Simulator — “DJI FLight Simulator is a professional pilot training software using DJI’s leading flight control technology to recreate the natural flying experience.”
  • Drone Racing League Sim – “The DRL Simulator is the most immersive drone racing video game on the console. Featuring the fastest drones, and electrifying racing adventures, it will push the limits of your drone racing abilities and prepare you to fly in real life.”
  • droneSimPro – “droneSimPro Drone Simulator is an innovative and affordable flight training software built on the real-world physics of drone flight. Designed for both new and veteran drone pilots, droneSimPro will help you learn the basics and expand your capabilities in flying drones.”
  • FPV Freerider -RC Quadcopter Racing Simulator. Practice racing or learn new freestyle tricks without the risk of crashing your real drone.
  • Liftoff – “Liftoff is the definitive gateway to the quadcopter racing scene, a platform for both experienced pilots and newcomers to the sport.”
  • RealFLight – “RealFlight is the #1 RC flight simulator in the world! It’s the absolute best tool new RC pilots can use when learning how to fly. It also makes it possible for experienced RC pilots to practice new maneuvers and to hone their skills so they can become even better pilots.”
  • Simlat -“In a world full of unmanned systems, we provide the most valuable products for training and simulation.”
  • TRYP FPV : The Drone Racer Simulator – This drone simulation title features an advanced physics engine that allows the user to get a good grip on the feel of drones. The name suggests it is a racing-focused simulator. However, that is not really the case. TRYP FPV features an in-depth cinematic flight mode where the user can follow various subjects, such as base jumpers or cars, aiming for the perfect shot. Not many drone simulators offer the option to practice high-stakes filmmaking before jumping into the real world. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • VelociDrone – “VelociDrone is a fast paced multi-player and single player FPV drone racing simulator. Using real world racing drones you can fly through an unlimited array of custom tracks with a variety of gates and barriers to hone your racing skills. Some of the gates even move! Our Time attack mode also lets you set the pace and improve with every lap whilst racing against yourself.”
  • Zephyr Drone Simulator – “Zephyr is a full-featured training solution and is a highly effective tool for flight academies, commercial enterprises, and anyone seeking practice for safely and efficiently operating unmanned aircraft.”
Mapping & Modeling
  • Agisoft – Process digital images and generate 3D spatial data. Fast and highly accurate.
  • Coverdrone Flysafe [app] – “Coverdrone FlySafe is a completely free app designed to help our customers plan and conduct their drone flights quicker and safer than before.”
  • DJI GS Pro [Ipad app] – “Enhance your drone operations with the DJI Ground Station Pro (DJI GS Pro), an iPad app. Conduct automated flight missions, manage flight data on the cloud, and collaborate across projects to efficiently run your drone program.”
  • DroneDeploy [app] – “The leading drone software platform for unlimited flying, mapping and sharing.”
  • Litchi [app] – “Unlock the full potential of your DJI drone with Litchi. With over 4000 successful daily flights, Litchi is the most trusted autonomous flight app for your DJI drone.”
  • Map Pilot for DJI [app] – Documentation and articles regarding the use of the Map Pilot app for iOS devices.
  • Maps Made Easy -Make your own Orthophoto Maps and 3D Models. No branding. No resolution limits. No subscriptions. Unlimited free processing for small jobs.
  • Measure – “Built by commercial drone operators, our platform gives you everything you need to complete automate your drone operations workflow.”
  • Picterra -“Geospatial imagery analysis made easy. Train your own AI to detect objects and patterns on satellite and aerial imagery. Analyze and share actionable insights. No coding skills required.”
  • Pix4DCapture [app] – Plan and control drone flights using only your mobile phone.
  • PrecisionFlight [DJI app] – “Turn your drone into an advanced remote sensing tool.”
  • Propeller Aero [app] – Collect, process, and visualize your survey data.
  • Raptor Maps [app] – “Artificial-Intelligence (AI) enabled software solution to help solar companies reduce costs and increase energy production.
  • AirMagic – “Powered by AI and advanced algorithms, AirMagic improves your aerial photos automatically. Simply drag & drop all your pictures to the app, and let technology do the work.”
  • PhotoPills [app] – “PhotoPills is your personal assistant in all photographic matters. It provides tasty remedies to help you answer most of the questions when planning and shooting your creative ideas.”
  • DJI Agriculture – Website providing drone products supporting agriculture and includes a UAS Pilot training to become certified [Bo Donald]
  • XAG-Advancing Agriculture – Website with a news center page that contains many updated videos showing how drones are being used around the world. [Bo Donald]
  • Avia Weather – METAR & TAF – This app shows automatically updating and fully decoded METAR, TAF, and NOTAM information for any airport you wish. Non-decoded information can be viewed too. The handiest aspect of the app is that you can set widgets up on your mobile device that allow you to quickly see the information you need without even opening the app. Available on Android and IOS. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • Dark Sky – Weather forecasting and visualization.
  • Dronecast: Weather and No Fly Zones for Drone Pilots – This app features basic weather information and includes a map that shows flight restrictions. What makes this app unique is that the user can set maximum wind thresholds that relate to the drone limits or user ability. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • METAR & TAF Translator – Copy and paste your raw METAR or TAF text to view color-coded, plain language aviation weather reports.
  • SunCalc – Website for determining sun position and daylight hours.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Calculator – FAA reference
  • UAV Forecast [app] – Weather and satellite information for UAS operations.
  • Weather Report Decoding – METAR and TAF abbreviations
  • Windy [app] – Wind map and weather forecasting.
  • Drone Flight Checklist Pro – This app allows the user to perform preflight checklists and save their flight information. Custom checklists can be added too. (Zackary Hilbrands)
  • Drone Font – Free downloadable font with UAS symbols and icons. (Stephens)
  • Drone Insurance – “Schedule flight liability coverage for as little as a day or as long as a year.”
  • Drone Nodes – Information on FPV drone simulators, radio control systems, RC transmitters, and electronic speed controllers. [Bo Donald]
  • Drone Scanner [mobile app] – Transform your phone or tablet into a drone scanner and track all the nearby flights over Direct / Broadcast Remote ID standards.
  • InterDrone – Website providing information on drone expositions and festivals. [Bo Donald]
  • – Listen to live air traffic control.
  • Tesla Magnetic Field Recorder [app] – This free app use the magnetometer sensor of your mobile device to transform your phone or tablet into a fun and easy to use metal detector / electromagnetic scanner.
  • Trimble GNSS Planning – Global Navigation Satellite System data and maps.
  • WiFi Analyzer – Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer. Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you.
  • Women and Drones – Website connecting women within the drone industryfrom all around the world with each other. [Bo Donald]
  • Youth Drone Sports – This organization provides the youth a chance to get involved in drones or STEM systems at a young age to spark an interest in their future. [Bo Donald]

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