Aircraft Database [Google Sheet] – The database includes over 2,100 fixed-wing aircraft references compiled from many sources. This data was used to create the Airport Reference Codes infographic below. All information should be verified by the published flight manual for each aircraft. [Stephens] Updated July 2, 2022.

Aircraft Performance Database – Eurocontrol aircraft performance characteristics [ICAO].

Airliners – Aircraft technical data and specifications.

Airport Data – Aircraft photo database.

Critical Aircraft – This advisory circular (AC) defines the term Critical Aircraft and provides guidance on the use of Critical Aircraft in facility planning and design studies, and related FAA decision making, for federally obligated airports. [FAA]

FAA Aircraft Characteristics Database [spreadsheet] – The Aircraft Characteristics Database provides basic aircraft characteristics for common aircraft needed to perform airport design functions.

Fonts – Free downloadable fonts: Civil Aircraft Identification, Military Aircraft Identification, and Aviation

List of Aircraft by Date and Usage Category – Compilation of commercial aircraft by manufacture date and usage.

Plan 3-Vues – Aircraft 3-view drawings (blueprints).

The Blueprints – Blueprints of modern planes. (Online registration required. Vector drawings may be purchased)

2020-04-04 Aircraft Identification Civil

2020-04-05 Aircraft Identification Military

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Airport Reference Codes

Aviation Automony Spectrum

2018-12-26 common aircraft

Urban Air Mobility Typology